Aroma Bliss Massage
60 minutes – 280 AED
Complete relaxing full body massage to relieve tension & induce peace of mind, a moment of complete well-being, leaving you feeling, relaxed, invigorated & energised

Therapeutic Back Massage
40 minutes – 170 AED
Need to relax in a gentle revitalising setting… but don’t have much time? This relaxing back massage relieves stress, fatigue & emotional tension of everyday life

Aromatic face, shoulder & scalp Massage
30 minutes – 150 AED
Indulge with this face massage treatment to relieve tension & promote good circulation of the blood to the face, while reducing wrinkles & tightening facial muscles, ensuring a natural healthy glowing skin

Kahraman & Amber Massage
60 minutes – 320 AED
A relaxing massage that improves lymphatic circulation & relieves physical & emotional stress for ultimate relaxation of the senses. The contact between Amber Spheres & your skin releases negative ions with numerous benefic effects on the mind, body & spirit

The Candlelight Massage
60 minutes – 350 AED
An aromatic warm candle massage, made from skin nourishing ingredients of shea butter, mango butter & essential oils. Leaves your skin silky & regenerated & provides you with an exceptional wellbeing experience