Eco Commitment: a hair treatment brand based on essential oils, dermatologically tested and alcohol free.

Nubea have developed a programme of treatments that restore the natural balance of the skin and combat its most common disorders. The synergies of selected essential oils represent an important synthesis of years of study and tests carried out to verify the effectiveness of every single substance used in Nubea formulas. The essential oils are enriched with plant extracts, trace elements, vitamins, and active ingredients that are proven to be effective amongst them are Arnica extract, serenoa extract, malva extract, Algae extract, Calendula Extract, Ginseng Extract, azulene, Bisabolol, Hops, Climbazole, piroctone Olamine, Vitamin A-E.

The Benefits

Nubea developed Indago, an instrument used for the direct observation of anomalies and imperfections of the scalp that are not noticeable with the naked eye. Analyzing the scalp using the Indago method allows for an accurate diagnosis to then advise on the most suitable Nubea treatment.

Diagnosis with Indago provides, amongst other benefits: An overview of the state of health of the scalp and hair. The possibility to view the hair greatly magnified in order to evaluate hair regrowth. A close examination of the hair cuticle and hair bulb to evaluate their health before and after the treatment. Mathematical measurement of the hair density and diameter.