Eco Commitment: Utilizing only the finest quality Baltic Amber and natural Argan oils. 

The Kahraman product line was inspired by the healing powers of Amber. It caters for a multitude of spa treatments that combine real Baltic Amber’s natural anti-oxidant properties with nourishment from precious Argan Oil . It delivers a relaxing and stress relieving, bio-energetic massage. The contact between Amber Spheres and your skin, releases negative ions with numerous benefic effects on the mind, body & spirit. This type of massage improves lymphatic circulation and relieves physical and emotional stress for ultimate relaxation of the senses.

The Benefits

Baltic Amber delivers a relaxing and de-stressing bio-energetic effect on your body. The contact between natural Baltic Amber and skin releases Succinic Acid, which assists in the removal of negative ions, which in turn has a multitude of benefits for the body.