Eco Commitment: Free from parabens, sulfates, benzophenones, mineral oils, talc, ethanol
and triclosan.

An innovative brand based out of New York, VOESH look at the beauty industry in an evolving and ever-changing way. The brand works tirelessly to better meet their clients’ needs and see real beauty from the clients’ perspective. They are committed to bringing real cleanliness, freshness and delights for an extraordinary spa experience. 

A purely treatment brand, VOESH is environmentally friendly with regards to the packaging, and ensures hygiene is one of their main principles, making certain your manicure and pedicure experience at Nailicious Spa is a personalized journey that focuses on being sanitary above all else. Given that we don’t use bulk lotions and scrubs, our client’s will have the unique experience of choosing their own fragrance and indulgence journey.

The Benefits

The range offers a variety of essential oils. Lavender (to help relieve tired feet), Green Tea (to purify and revive), Olive Oil (to help repair and renew), Grapefruit (a vitamin recharge), Lemon (to purify and moisturize), Peppermint and Seaweed (refreshing).